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    • Power Steering Pump
    • OE: 56110-P02-A02
    • Steering Box
    • OE: 53601-SR3-A52
    Length:1066 mm
    • Tie Rod End
    • OE: 53560-S04-013
    Front Axle, Left, Outer
    Inner Thread : M14x1.50 mm
    • Tie Rod End
    • OE: 53540-S04-013
    Front Axle, Right, Outer
    Inner Thread
    : M14x1.50 mm
    • Steering Boot
    • OE: 53534-SR3-N52
    Front Axle
    Inner Diameter 1 :
    9 mm
    Inner Diameter 2 : 44 mm
    Height : 160 mm
    • Steering Boot
    • OE: 53534-SA5-951
    Left and right
    Inner Diameter 1
    : 9.5 mm
    Inner Diameter 2 : 39 mm
    Height : 184 mm
    • Axial Rod
    • OE: 53010-SR3-010
    Front Axle
    Thread Size 1 : M12x1.25 mm
    Thread Size 2 : M14x1.5 mm
    Length : 190 mm
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